#1 How to Find Your Login Credentials

How to Find Login.pdf

To find your login credentials for Gmail, Google Classroom, and Bright Thinker, follow this easy step-by-step document.

[The assigned password only works if you have not yet logged in to your Google email account. As soon as you log-in, Google will prompt you to create a new password.]

#2 Google Email Address Set-Up

All students K-10 will need to set up their Google email address for access to the following:

  • Open tutoring sessions (K-10)
  • Google Classroom (K-2, or 3-10 Art and Music)

#3 Joining a Tutoring Session

All students K-10 will have the option to join their teachers for an open tutoring session. Sessions are offered daily at fixed times. To join, you will need the following:

  • A school assigned google account with login and password
  • An invite to join the daily sessions (sent only once by the teacher)
  • Click on the invite (found in your gmail inbox) and "accept" the invite. You only need to accept the invite once to have access to all sessions for the remainder of the year
  • For students with more than one teacher, you will need to accept each teacher's individual invite
  • Go to your Google calendar. You will see all the scheduled sessions from all the invites you accepted. Click on the specific session to join.

#4 Bright Thinker Tutorial

The Bright Thinker platform is for students 3rd - 10th grade only.

#5 Help Desk Tutorial

A tutorial to assist in submitting a help desk ticket.

#6 How to Submit Student Work - Video #1

A tutorial to assist in submitting your students' work.

#7 Text-to Speech Tutorial

A tutorial to assist with text to speech.