Founders Schertz

K - 2nd Remote Learning Plan

Founders Schertz has developed a plan that a) significantly minimizes the use of hard-copy materials [Please see math exception below] and b) allows for some degree of student self-pacing. To do this, Founders Schertz relies (for Grades K-2) on Google Classroom, Core Knowledge PDFs, and Epic Books, and (for grades 1-2 only) on A-Z Readers.


Parents should familiarize themselves with the following five platforms and their purposes. Login information will be provided to parents by their student’s teacher via Jupiter Ed. Parents can use their discretionary power to schedule access to these platforms for their student(s).


    1. For Parents with no WiFi or computer access please contact your respective Assistant Headmaster, Mrs. Gill for K - 6th or Mr. Klug for 7th - 10th.
    2. All communication regarding school work will now take place via Google Classrooms.
    3. All conference calls and/or meetings via a computer will take place through Google Meets. To access Google meets:
            • Open Google Calendar
            • Click on the desired Conference in the Calendar (be sure to click the session for the present day).
            • Click “join Hangouts Meets.”
            • Click the “Join Now” Button.
    4. Assignments will be posted weekly on Sunday evenings via the Google Classroom.
            • Work for the whole following week will be posted.
            • Students will self-pace at parent discretion.
            • Students will have 7 days to complete their work from the date it was posted by the teacher. Since teachers are required to post their work every Sunday evening, all student work is due the following Monday morning by 8 a.m (or 7 days later).
    5. Open Tutoring will be available for each teacher at designated times during each day of the work week. Please see the school website for times.
    6. Open Tutoring is intended for students only. Parent conferences must be set up with the teacher outside of these Open Tutoring times.
    7. Open Tutoring will take place on Google Meets. To access Open Tutoring:
            • Open the student’s Google Calendar
            • Click on the desired Tutoring Session in the Calendar (Be sure to click the session for the present day)
            • Click “join Hangouts Meets”
            • Click the “Join Now” Button
    8. All teachers will schedule two hours of open tutoring via Google Meets for students daily.


Grades will continue to be available through the Jupiter Ed System.

Academic Expectations:

    1. It is expected that all assigned work for each week is completed by the following Monday morning by 8 a.m.
    2. Expect a minimum of 1 quiz per week per subject.
    3. Expect 1 test every 4th week.

Online Behavior Expectations:

    1. Students are expected to demonstrate regular classroom behavior while in an Open Tutoring Session.
          • Speaking in turn is essential for Open Tutoring communication.
          • Students must not interrupt one another or the teacher during Open Tutoring sessions.
          • Eating, playing games, watching T.V., phone use, etc. should not occur while a student is attending Open Tutoring to avoid distractions to themselves and others.
    2. Students who disrupt an Open Tutoring session in any way may be muted or removed from the session. A notification will be sent to parents via Jupiter Ed.

Math in Focus

    1. Students will be required to pick-up their MiF books from campus at the new designated Pick-up/Drop-off times.
    2. Details regarding assignments and due dates will be posted by the teacher weekly on Sunday evenings via Google Classroom.
    3. Completed work should be scanned in via a scanner or a phone scanner app (phone pictures are also an option) every Monday morning by 8 a.m. to Jupiter Ed. Students can always submit their work on any day before the Monday deadline.

SPED and 504 Academics

The online system will provide accommodations to our 504/SPED students. The self-pacing ability of this plan will meet accommodations such as extended time on work, frequent breaks, etc.

    1. For accommodated assignments, teachers will be contacting the individual student/parent.
    2. Special Education students will have an open resource room on Google meets available from 8 am - 4 pm where they can ask questions and meet with SPED staff for support with assignments.

Illness Policy and Late Work Policy

We recognize that as we acclimate to the online learning environment, individual situations may vary. Please contact your appropriate teacher or grade level administrator for cases of a prolonged illness or lack of access to the learning platforms.

Free Smartphone Scanning Applications

There are a variety of free scanning apps that you can download to your phone for submitting Math work. The school recommends some of the following options:

    1. Genius Scan
    2. PDF Scanner
    3. CamScanner