FCA now uses Lands' End Uniforms exclusively. All daily shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and sweaters must be purchased through the Lands' End uniform store to include the embroidered logo on specified items.

Go to www.landsend.com and use our school code 900186834.

Currently owned French Toast uniforms will be "grandfathered" into the dress code for the 2020-2021 school year and phased out before 2021-2022. (Note: This has been extended due to any financial strains caused by COVID-19)

No new purchases should be made from French Toast.

7th - 11th Grade PE Uniforms are purchased from GOGEAR Online (see instructions below). https://gogearonline.com/fca-schertz-pe

Founders Uniform Dress Code


Good uniforms cultivate an atmosphere of studiousness and decorum, minimize distractions, and remind us that we are doing important work. In our appearance we show our opinions about ourselves, show respect for what we are doing, and respect for those with whom we spend our time. We dress up when we take something or someone seriously, and through our appearance we communicate that respect. Clothes can distract and prevent others from devoting their energy and attention to their schoolwork. Our goal is to minimize such distractions and to foster a healthy respect for school, for teachers, for fellow students, and for ourselves.

To that end, the school has worked to ensure that uniforms are dignified, durable, and affordable.

All students are required to be in their proper uniform whenever they are on campus before, during, and after the normal school day. If students are not in their proper uniform, they will not be allowed to attend class until the problem is fixed. In such a case, parents will be required to being correct uniform attire. A student who is repeatedly out of uniform will receive appropriate consequences for the grade level.

The color and type of uniform pieces are determined by grade and what you are able to purchase for each grade level, as laid out on the website.

All uniforms and sweaters should have the child’s name, written in sharpie, on the interior tag, or, in the case of the PE uniform, on the front name patch.


All students must wear the standard uniform shirt according to their grade level (K-8th or 9-11th). These embroidered shirts are only to be purchased through Founders Classical Academy of Schertz’s Official Uniform Shop (www.landsend.com school code 900186834). All shirts are required to have the school logo.

A white, short-sleeved undershirt may be worn underneath. Shirts must be buttoned all the way up, except for the top button. Shirts must be tucked in, neatly, not bloused.


Young ladies and men in all grades must wear only the approved khaki uniform pants (the styles are listed below). These should be worn with a brown OR black belt free of embellishment. Pants may not be tight or form fitting. The belt is optional for kindergarten. Pants should be worn at the waist; they should reach the shoe but not the ground.


Young men in all grades must wear khaki uniform shorts. These should be worn with a brown OR black belt free of embellishment (belt is optional for kindergarten). Shorts are not approved for young ladies.


Although skirts are optional for young ladies at Founders Schertz, should they choose to wear one, it must be the uniform skirt prescribed for their grade level. Kindergarten through 8th grade must wear the "Below the Knee Khaki Pleated" uniform skirt. Young ladies in 9 -12th grades are to wear Lands End “Clear Blue Plaid Below the Knee Pleated" skirt. All skirts must be worn with khaki or navy modesty shorts underneath. Ladies should wear white socks free of logos or white tights free of patterns. Leggings or footless tights do not qualify as tights and should not be worn. The hem of the skirt should sit naturally at the knee cap or below. Parents may want to consider buying a size up and getting the skirt tailored to ensure length compliance.


All socks for boys and girls must be solid white or cable knit and free of logos. Ladies should wear solid white or white cable knit tights. Leggings or footless tights do not qualify as tights and should not be worn.


Students must wear closed-toe, closed-heel, shoes of neutral color (navy, white, black, gray, brown), free from any other colors or distracting ornamentation. They may be dress or athletic shoes (athletic shoes must be worn during PE). Boots, crocks, moccasins, slippers, high heels, heelys/wheeled-shoes, light-up shoes, high tops, etc., are not permitted. Athletic shoes are REQUIRED for PE for all students. Please consult the office if you have any questions or concerns regarding shoes BEFORE the student wears them to school.

Sweaters, Blazers and Jackets - LABEL WELL WITH STUDENT’S NAME

The Lands' End cardigans and blazers (9-11th) and outerwear on the ordering site are the only additional layer a student is allowed to wear over their polo while inside the FCA campus buildings. Blazers are optional for 9-11th grade boys and girls. Students should remove all non-uniform outerwear, including hats, jackets, gloves, non-uniform sweaters, etc., upon entering the campus buildings. School jackets and sweatshirts are available to purchase periodically on the Hoplite Council's official uniform shop at https://gogearonline.com/fca-schertz-pe, but are optional. The embroidered logo is REQUIRED on the blazer, but not on sweaters or outerwear jackets.

Wednesday "Dress Day" - UPPER SCHOOL

On Wednesday of each week the 9-11th grade students will wear required "Dress Day" attire:

Boys - Long-sleeved white oxford, khaki long pants, neck tie and optional blazer

Girls - Long-sleeved white oxford, plaid below the knee pleated skirt, cross tie and optional blazer


Special events and school photos are typically scheduled on Wednesdays. To create a coherent appearance, K-8th should wear only navy polos with their normal uniform bottoms on Wednesdays.


All students, 7th grade and up, are required to wear the school PE uniform for gym class. These are only available to purchase periodically on the designated ordering site: https://gogearonline.com/fca-schertz-pe. Uniforms will be delivered to the school for distribution. There will be a limited number of PE uniforms for cash purchase at the Back to School Event in August.

General Appearance

Fads in hairstyles, clothing, or anything designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus are not allowed. Garments should be clean and free from tears, or excessive wear. No undergarments should be visible.


Hair should be clean and well groomed. Hair should not be worn so as to extend over the eyes. Words, symbols, and designs shaved into hair are not allowed. Hair styles for boys should not touch the collar of the shirt when the boy is standing, nor should it cover his ears, sideburns should be neatly trimmed, extending no longer than the bottom of the earlobe, and hair should not stand higher than 2 inches above the head. Boys must be clean-shaven. Unnatural hair coloring, shaving of partial areas, or streaking is not permitted. Excessive hairstyles (e.g., “mullets,” “designs,” “mohawks,” “fauxhawk/fohawk,” etc.) are not allowed.


All jewelry should be simple and not distracting. Girls may wear earrings that are simple studs. Girls may wear no more than one earring per ear. Boys may not wear piercings of any sort. Necklaces are to be tucked inside the student’s polo/oxford and no choker necklaces are permitted. One bracelet/watch per arm is allowed, but charm bracelets are not permitted. No gauges may be worn in pierced ears, and students may not wear grills on teeth. Tongue rings and other visible body piercings, including nose and eyebrow rings, are not allowed.


Girls in grades 6th and up may wear makeup that is natural in appearance and not distracting. Students may not wear nail extensions; they may wear clear nail polish, free from glitter and/or color. Students arriving in colored nail polish will be asked to remove it in the front office with nail polish remover and may receive disciplinary consequences. Visible body tattoos and body art are not allowed. Students may not write or draw on themselves or each other, and will be asked to wash it off if they do so.


The school is not responsible for parents ordering incorrect attire, or paying for unacceptable hairstyles; all students will be expected to comply with dress code norms. All determinations in question are made at the discretion of the headmaster, or his designee. If you have a question about the uniform compliance of any of the non-French Toast items, please consult the office before sending your student to school wearing the item (ie, shoes, belt, socks).

**We strongly encourage students to carry an additional uniform in their backpack for unforeseen accidents that may occur during the day. This prevents additional disruption of the student’s academic day while he or she waits in the office for parents to bring a clean uniform.

Uniform Care Suggestions

  1. PRE-TREAT any stains or spots before washing uniforms.

  2. Wash uniforms in cold or warm water with a gentle detergent.

  3. Shirts should be hung to dry in order to prevent shrinking and excessive fading.

  4. Remove uniform pants/shorts/skirts from the dryer while they are still warm, press them with your hand and hang them in order to prevent the need for ironing after each wash.

  5. PE Uniforms should be washed inside out and dried on low heat to preserve the design on the front.

Back Packs and Lunch Boxes

Unless a student has a specifically diagnosed medical condition preventing them from carrying a backpack, rolling backpacks are not permitted on campus. All student backpacks must be school appropriate. Backpacks should not display distracting elements, vulgar or violent characters or language. All student backpacks for grades 7-11th must fit and be kept in their lockers for the duration of the school day.

Students are free to bring any school appropriate lunch boxes free from distracting or inappropriate images.

Click on the guideline sheet to download the full view.

*ATTENTION: Due to an error on the Land's End ordering site, 7-8th grade girls will be ordering the Clear Blue Plaid skirt for the '19-'20 year.

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