Summer Reading

Summer break is a great opportunity for students to use their free time to explore the classics and keep their reading skills sharpened. The list provided is not a required list for the grade levels but includes highly recommended selections.

Summer Reading Suggestions

Reading is one of the most valuable practices during the summer months to keep students learning and to ward off dreaded summer boredom.

Parents should continue to read to K-2 students at least thirty minutes a day.

Second through fifth grade students should be reading on their own over the summer thirty to forty-five minutes a day.

Middle and high school students are encouraged to choose a novel from the provided literature suggestions.

Book topics can be fun, historical, fiction, scientific or biographical. We encourage parents and students to look for substantive books from appropriate grade levels. Regular trips to the public library can keep students engaged in reading and give them plenty of choices for practice.

Quality Literature Suggestions for Summer Reading.docx